Please read this document carefully as it sets out the steps we are taking to minimise the risks
posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and keep our guests as well as ourselves safe.
Notification. It is imperative that you inform us immediately if you develop any corona virus
type symptoms during, or up to 7 days following your stay with us. Obviously, if you develop
such symptoms prior to your visit you will need to cancel your stay.
Social Distancing. As a couple, it is our nature to be warm and friendly with those staying
with us. Although this will not change, we find ourselves in a position where we must keep a
safe distance from our guests. With this in mind, we respectfully ask you, where possible, to
maintain a two metre distance from both us and also other guests. Where this is not reasonably
possible, then the minimum distance should not be less that one metre. We thank you for your
understanding with this. To help maintain social distancing, we are ensuring that only two of
our three rooms are occupied by guests at any one time.
Breakfast. Under normal conditions guests from different rooms will often end up eating
together which is always a great social time. However, as our breakfast room does not lend
itself to maintaining social distancing, we will be serving breakfast in two locations. The
dining room and the conservatory. For the most part, if the two rooms are booked out we will
serve Room 1 breakfast in the Dining room, Room 2 breakfast in the conservatory. To
further protect our guests, we are duplicating all our breakfast items to ensure that nothing is
shared between guests and that all items will be sanitised before re-use or disposed of. Masks
will be worn whilst serving your breakfast.
Room Service and Cleaning. It is our normal practice to service rooms everyday after the
guests have left each morning. However, until further notice, we will not being doing this. We
apologise for the inconvenience this may cause. Instead we will leave a small cleaning kit to
enable you to carry out any cleaning as necessary. Please inform us if you need assistance in
this matter. We will leave sufficient tea/coffee etc in the room to cover your stay, however,
again please inform us if you require any additional supplies.
In addition to normal cleaning products, all hard surfaces are cleaned with Suma Bac D10 (a
professional cleaner and sanitiser) which is widely used in the hospitality industry. Clear
acrylic sheet has been added to wooden surfaces to allow for thorough sanitising.
Other Measures. We have installed a hand sanitiser just inside our front door and request that
you sanitise your hands thoroughly as you enter the house and on any other occasion as
required. The conservatory, which usually serves as the guests lounge area, will be used as our
second breakfast area or for takeaways.. We expect our guests to use their discretion for use of
this area at other times.
Tourist literature will be available to guests in plastic pockets. These items will not have been
handled for at least 72 hours. As this is only a small selection of what is available for the area,
we recommend that you visit the Wye Dean Tourist website at